Patricia J.Obermeier

is a Student and Teacher of Yoga, Philosophy and Meditation.
Throughout the last 20 years she studied Buddhism, several Yoga Traditions (mainly based on Śri Krishnamacharya) and has now  specialized on the Trika School of “Kashmir Shaivism”.

She shares her knowledge on  Āsana, Meditation, Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy in Yoga Teacher Trainings and works as professional Coach and Educator for trainee teachers in Middle Schools.
For the last decade Patricia studied Kashmiri Shaivism in Varanasi and Kashmir and Nada Yoga (Dhrupad) in Delhi under Bettina Baümer, Mark Dyczkowksi and Pt.Nirmalya Dey.

She is currently based in Munich, where she is writing on her PhD about Abhinavagupta, a Kashmiri Philosopher of the 10th century, supervised by Prof. von Brueck in the Department of Religious Studies (LMU).

Another field of her work is the connection between the Aesthetic Process and Yogic Perception. Being a FIND Grantee of Alain Daniėlou`s Foundation, she also gives talks on the subject or collaborates with art projects, exploring the yogic approach to the aesthetic dimension of space.