Patricia J.O.

is a Student and Teacher of Yoga, Philosophy and Meditation.
Throughout the last 20 years she studied Buddhism, several yogic traditions (mainly in the Śri Krishnamacharya Lineage) and finally the Trika philosophy of  Kashmiri Shaivism.

During the last 10 year she was teaching Middle School Students as well as Āsana, Meditation and Philosophy in Yoga Teacher Trainings. Her Āsana teaching style is mainly influenced by Dr.Sonja Söder, Founder of WOYO, who created a fusion of Iyengar,Vinyasa and therapeutic Yoga movements.
For the last couple of years Patricia studied Kashmiri Shaivism in Varanasi and Kashmir under Bettina Bäumer and Mark Dyczkowski and Nāda Yoga (Dhrupad) in Delhi under Nirmalya Dey.  She is currently based in Munich, where she is writing on her PhD about Abhinavagupta, a Kashmiri Philosopher of the 10th century, supervised by Prof. von Brueck in the Department of Religious Studies (LMU).

Being a grantee of FIND, Alain Daniėlou`s Foundation– she also works on the interconnection between the Aesthetic Process and Yogic Perception. She conveys lectures and talks on this subject and collaborates with art projects.

Patricia currently offers lectures in the context of a Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra Homestudy Group, Sessions and Workshops on Mind-and Body-Training, Traditional Yoga, Methods of Creative Contemplation and Meditation and gives talks on subjects concerning her research.

At the moment there are no regular open group classes, only private teachings.