Today we randomly use the word Yogi or Yoginī to describe a male or female practitioner of Yoga – which is nowadays mainly associated with Āsana or physical exercise.

But as you can imagine- there`so much more to explore…..

She can be an adept in Yoga, a sorceress, a Partner in the Tantric Ritual or a Patron Goddess in Kaula Tradition. We know 8 Yoginīs of Astrology, 7 of the Internal Cakras or relate them to a group of 64.
In the Śri Cakra they are concerned with qualities like love and other emotional states and the Sādhaka meets them along his journey towards the center, meditates on them and transcends them in order to achieve Self Realization.

Whether she reflects the Great Goddess, or appears in close relation to the term Mātrkā (Mother)- we find various concepts connected with the term `Yoginī`.

But what are these concepts about? How can we relate to them in our Practice? In this Lecture we try to gain insight together, as well as an overview concerning this complex topic.

A brief passage from a tantric hymn and further examples of the great Kashmiri Yoginī Lalleshvari will illustrate the practical aspects and serve as foundation for Meditation.