IMG_4785Connect. Reconnect.

Body & Mind. Perception and Completion.

How to reconnect with the feeling of Unity or Oneness?

When a child was born in ancient times, it was put down – onto the Earth after having left the mother`s womb. It was the task of the father, to pick it up again and close the circle into a new state of completion:  The Oneness of the Family.  Male and Female energy united by the manifested spirit of their Love.

How to be whole without depending on this cycle ? How to feel “Oneness”?

There`s a Oneness inside all of us which has to be discovered .

A path into health and healing. On the physical and mental planes.

While Yoga Philosophy helps us to discover this state by using jñāna (knowledge), working with our bodies can help us to provide a healthy base on which we can establish our mindset and spirit.

Come and share the journey!

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